1618 Architects are a practice with experience spanning over three decades. As an offshoot of Mimar Architects, 1618 was set up to provide architectural services specifically for the residential, commercial and retail sectors whilst Mimar continues its successful streak of projects within the religious and community sectors. Together the two brands have successfully completed over 150 projects and compliment each other in delivering high quality architecture.

At 1618, we believe the role of an architect is so much more than merely designing structures. We follow our projects closely from inception through to completion, ensuring you that our client’s journey is made easy from start to finish. We oversee our projects from inception and design through to completion on site.

Ultimately, 1618 are not simply paper architects as we believe in efficiently translating our ideas from the drawing board through to a physical reality. More importantly, we keep things simple and fulfil our client’s visions within controlled budgets and timescales.

1618 Architects is an ambitious company, which has directly fed into the constant growth of our projects and workload. With the majority of our large-scale projects being based in London, this led to an automatic choice of an office being set up in Whitechapel.

The practice hopes to continue to deliver on its historical success but with a keen eye on the future.

Alternatively known as the ‘Divine Proportion’, the number 1618 is directly inspired by a significant mathematical phenomenon regarding the holistic relationship on individual factors within a whole.

When simplified, the Golden Ratio can be presented as 1: 1.618. Throughout history, architects have used the Golden Ratio to determine the proportions of their buildings, with examples being found in ancient Roman, Greek and even Egyptian architecture. To us, the name 1618 represents mathematical and natural holism within our projects, and brings forward the prioritisation of pristine accuracy and quality to our works.

Team Members

1618 Architects are a practice with a vibrant mix of professional skills and backgrounds, each contributing to the success of the practice.


As a qualified RIBA Chartered Architect with 25 years of experience and as the director of 1618 architects, Afaq is the driving force behind 1618's success and growth. Having worked on diverse projects with high flying clients, Afaq continuously brings forward an eye for unique and contemporary design. Afaq is also responsible for the Middle Eastern sector having lived and worked in Abu Dhabi (UAE) between 2007-2010. At 1618 his repertoire of skills and talents act as a driver of excellence and client focused architectural and business solutions, and deals with clients directly.

He leads the 1618 team in the residential, commercial and community sectors, and uses his philosophy as a precedent of high standards throughout the two offices.

Afaq is also a member of RIBA and ARB.


1618's co-director has almost 30 years of experience as a Chartered Architect. Having been President of the Stockport Chamber of Commerce & Industry and President of Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Stockport Local Council, Liam is highly experienced throughout many sectors of the industry and is one of 1618's most valuable assets. By working closely with the entire team, Liam's leadership and guidance defines 1618's architectural aesthetic and high quality work. Liam is responsible for delivering all projects from inception to completion. Additionally, Liam is a CDM Coordinator and is responsible for on-site health and safety for our built projects during construction.

Liam is also a member of RIBA and ARB.


Chartered Architect and Qualified Interior Designer. For me architecture is defined as a functional and habitable art.

This is the philosophy I try to use in every project by applying several criteria that include environmental, economic and social aspects, among others. When I am designing, I try to respect the environment and I use my common sense to adjust the costs without giving up beauty. I have a high degree of involvement with the firm's goals and value positively collaborations and teamwork.

My sales capacity and communication skills allow me to connect with clients and understand better their ideas to adapt the projects to their necessities. I honestly think architecture should be able to provide solutions to people and to their activities.

Yaiza is also a member of ARB.


A team player with excellent academic qualifications, who has graduated with a degree in Higher Architecture.

Possessing a proven ability to ensure projected architectural designs are functional, safe and economical and meet the needs of the client. Excellent skills to keep in touch with clients to ensure that the project designs match their needs.
Easy going by nature and able to get along with both work colleagues and senior managers.

Sara is also a member of ARB.


Having recently graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with his bachelors degree in Architecture and Environmental Design BSc (Hons), Henry has taken on a wide variety of projects of contrasting scales and forms to carry them from planning stages through to construction.


Susan is a qualified Architect with over 30 years experience and has worked in many different sectors of the architectural industry from project architect, management, design co-ordinator, Master planning and education. Susan is now focusing on interior design along with other projects with the team.

Sue is also a member of RIBA and ARB.

Yasir Naeem - LOST

Yasir enjoys his road trips having travelled Spain, Italy and the USA in the last 6 months


George graduated from the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) with a BA (Hons) in Architecture. With a flair for design, a careful attention to detail and a resilient attitude, he strives for a high standard of work. Using appropriate software and employing diverse techniques, he finds joy in creating high-quality finished products.


Maleace studied Graphic Design and Photography at South Trafford Collage.
I am the Admin manager for 1618 Architects and will be keeping everyone updated on what is going on in the office and on all social media pages. I am a fun person to be around and I really enjoy music. I've sang all over England. I take a lot of pride in my work and I am very passionate in every task that I take on.

How can we help you?

We are a practice with experience spanning over three decades. We provide architectural services specifically for the residential, commercial and retail sectors. Please call 0207 377 9200 or drop us a line with any questions you may have.