About us

1618 Architects are an Executive Architectural practice with experience spanning over three decades.

1618 was set up to provide the full range of Executive Architectural services specifically for the residential, commercial and retail sectors.

We have successfully completed over 150 projects delivering high-quality architecture and working with Developers and Construction companies to ensure the vision is delivered effectively.

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Formulating Client Briefs
Feasibility Studies/Concept Design
Planning applications including Planning Enhancement
Listed Building Consents
Building Regulation Applications
Value Engineer schemes
Project Management / Client Representatives
Property Investment & Acquisition/Pre-development Advice
Tender Operations & Contractor Selection Advice

Works across the UK

Our works span across the country from John O’Groats to Cardiff, Newcastle to London. We have successfully completed over 125 projects delivering high quality architecture and working with Developers and Construction companies to ensure the vision is delivered effectively.

Why 1618?

Alternatively known as the ‘Divine Proportion’, the number 1618 is directly inspired by the holistic relationship on individual factors within a whole. When simplified, the Golden Ratio can be presented as 1: 1.618. To us, the name 1618 represents mathematical and natural holism within our projects and brings forward the prioritisation of pristine accuracy and quality to our works.

Practice Philosophy

At 1618, we believe the role of an architect is so much more than merely designing structures:

We are committed to complete transparency and encourage an environment of mutual trust and communication. We care about our client’s success.

The practice offers versatile solutions to all our clients’ needs. Our strong portfolio of different building projects and clients reflects the diversity and level of service we offer. Clients are our most important partners.” A core value we take very seriously and demonstrate through our actions.

Our commitment is to provide a professional architectural and development service that fulfils the client’s brief and acknowledges the needs and responsibilities of all.

The practice seeks to provide a personal, efficient, and cost-effective service leading to creative, pragmatic and commercially aware solutions.

We continuously engage with our clients to understand their opportunities and challenges over the lifetime of our partnership together. We value meaningful collaboration and enjoy exploring possibilities for the future.

We believe in working with the client to ensure expectations are met, utilising innovative solutions, to meet specific objectives. Together, this fusion of intelligence and research allows us to not only generate new ideas but understand how best to apply them. It allows us to develop solutions that meet performance expectations, adapt to change and position our clients for success.


2007 Cheshire County Council award for Best Designed Residence – Milend.
2007 Cheshire County Council Award for best-detailed residence.
2008 Design Commendation and overall Winner in Client bid for a Mixed Use Scheme at Shearbridge Depot Bradford.
Runner up in competition to design Trauma / Hospital scheme in Islamabad, Pakistan for Abu Dhabi Municipality (UAE).