Environmental Policy

Policy Statement

Hattrell Architects are Chartered Architects who provide Architectural services to Clients throughout the United Kingdom. The scope of service includes office based design and administrative work, site-based contract administration, and attendance at meetings which may take place within the office or at the offices of fellow consultants. Meetings may also take place at Client premises. Visits to buildings for survey purposes, and visits to sites, are normally of duration one day or less.

Hattrell Architects are committed to continually improve upon our environmental performance. As a minimum standard, we are committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation.

Hattrell Architects are committed to preventing pollution and effective management of our environmental impact.

Hattrell Architects are committed to communicating our environmental aims and objectives to our staff, our Clients, and other members of the building team.


Travel on business is normally by car, except where train travel offers a more efficient option. We will endeavour to limit car mileage to the minimum compatible with our duty to our Clients.

We will minimise waste and recycle as much as is practical the waste material produced by the office – paper, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, ink cartridges, and cardboard.

We will be cognizant of developments in new energy-saving technology and of issues of sustainability in the design of buildings